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Links to fiction I've found worth revisiting.
This community contains links to those fics that I have read and felt were worth remembering for re-reading or for recommending to others.

********* WARNING *********

Many of these links are to material that is most definitely NOT work safe. Much of it is NC17 rated, which means explicitely sexual in nature. BE WARNED!!!


I've tried to tag entries in an organized way to allow you to find fics about particular authors, characters or ships. Click here for a list of the tags I've reserved. Click here for those currently in use (with numbers of entries that have that tag).

Currently you'll find that most of the links are to Buffy/Angel fics. Tags tend to be oriented that way too. For example, if there's a pairing between Buffy and Gibbs from NCIS then I'd tend to use Buffy/Gibbs rather than Gibbs/Buffy. Sue me - I'm a Buffy fan at heart. There's stuff there from Buffy, Angel, House, SG1, Doctor Who, West Wing, Smallville, Anita Blake, Firefly, Law & Order and Harry Potter.